Kansas City Overview

Kansas City is well known for its contributions to the musical styles of jazz and blues as well as to cuisine, specifically, Kansas City-style barbecue. With over 200 fountains it has earned the nickname, “City of Fountains,” and claims to have the second most in the world, just behind Rome. The city also has more boulevards than any city except Paris and has been called Paris of the Plains. Many universities, colleges, and seminaries are located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, including the University of Missouri–Kansas City, Rockhurst University and Kansas City Art Institute among others.



“Kansas City ranks sixth in a new list of the best U.S. cities for investment in residential rental properties."

“Kansas City Updates Tech in Bid to Boost Business – Cisco, Sprint and Google all “collide” in the city’s plan to attract tech incubators, startups and young residents.”

“Kansas City is ranked among the 20 best cities to buy single-family rentals”



The centralized location makes Kansas City a logical distribution point for commerce and services. Kansas City has multiple active anchor industries that include cattle/livestock, some of the largest national cell phone providers, research and development giant's, oil/gas conglomerates, biomedical research firms, the IRS, USPS, the US Federal Reserve, and Google Fiber. Check KC news for an interactive report that displays about 79 projects in downtown Kansas City alone, and total more than $1.7 billion.