Real estate services are most useful when they maximize the value of your assets. We understand that this is as much art as it is science so our teams include managers, engineers, designers, and service staff. We have several programs to fit the goals of any client investor while focusing on two core areas of service: Research and Investment. Third Axis Investments offer the opportunity for client investors to gain financial leverage whether they choose to invest in single units, or commercial packages. We offer Turnkey solutions for individuals, or groups, that desire a stress free acquisition and return on investment. We have program packages available for single, or large packages of inventory, construction, and/or land for residential and commercial interests of client investors.


Research is more than simply data reinforced by great visuals. It should help represent the positioning of the market and provide insight into making short and long-term decisions which affect your financial portfolio. This type of dynamic research helps our business determine the needs of the market and how exactly our client investors can remain competitive and pivot for success.

Research services can include:

  • Demographics

  • Infrastructure development

  • Investment Analysis

  • Lease, rent, purchase, and vacancy rates

  • Market activity and growth

  • Projected CAP rates

  • Return on investment

  • Tax appeals



Investment at our business goes above and beyond to analyze and provide acquisitions for the success of our client investors. Our investment strategy combines committed research and due diligence to produce the most optimal acquisition strategy and package for our client investors small and large. Once a commitment is made our team will continue in their engagement to fulfill the financial objectives of our client investors to provide a return.

Investment services can include:

  • Current and future contracts

  • Current and potential property value

  • Financial requirements

  • Negotiation

  • Objective building

  • Portfolio expansion

  • Property and lease management

  • Risk profiles

We help connect these dots by mapping services to needs based on the understanding of economic drivers within your markets. We then balance those with market trends to overcome obstacles and find advantages for our client investors.